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Ductless Systems in Orlando, FL

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Did you know that you can both heat and cool your entire home without the need for air ducts? It’s true! Ductless heat pumps can keep you comfortable and your home energy efficient. Just make sure you call English Air Inc. in Orlando, FL for professional repairs and set-up.

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How Ductless Systems Work

A ductless system (also called a ductless mini split) combines the point cooling of window AC units with the benefits of a central air conditioner. As with a central AC or heat pump, there are indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit is a familiar single cabinet that exhausts and absorbs heat and contains the compressor.

But there are multiple indoor units: instead of a single large air handler and evaporator coil, smaller air handlers with their own blower and coil are mounted on the walls of rooms. They connect to the outdoor unit via refrigerant and power lines through the small holes in the wall. The air handlers send cooled or heated air directly into the living space—no ducts at all.

Advantages of Ductless HVAC Systems

We already mentioned one of the major advantages of ductless mini splits: they are an option for older homes without the space for ductwork. Ductless systems are extremely flexible, and helpful when it comes to trying to heat and cool parts of a home that are difficult to condition.

But ductless HVAC offers benefits to almost any house. For one, they have excellent energy efficiency compared to central air conditioners. They have smaller motors and don’t lose or gain heat through stretches of ducts. They also remove worries about repairing and cleaning the ducts. They can also improve indoor air quality, since there are no ducts filled with dust and lint that will blow out each time the system comes on.

Ductless HVAC Replacement, Repair, and Maintenance in Orlando, FL

We offer the full range of ductless mini split services. Along with HVAC replacement and installation, we’re skilled at ductless HVAC repair. If you run into trouble with any part of your ductless system, call our technicians at English Air Inc., and they’ll arrive on time to repair the problem.

But we’d like you to avoid those repair issues in the first place. Our Royal Air Service Club is available to help you with regular ductless HVAC maintenance during the year in Orlando, FL. As a member, you also have priority service in case of a breakdown, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of routine maintenance for your home comfort system.

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