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Ductwork in Orlando, FL

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The ductwork inside a home is a basic part of how the HVAC system works. If there are no ducts, the air from an air conditioner or heater won’t go anywhere. But damaged ductwork that leaks air can be almost as bad a situation, since it leads to an unnecessary rise in utility bills, possible damage to the HVAC system, and a decline in indoor air quality. Ductwork services are often required to fix up and replace damaged or badly installed ducts, and only trained professionals can do this work.

Trained professionals like those at English Air Inc. We’re a trusted HVAC contractor in Orlando, FL, and have a team of trained technicians who are polite, diligent, and aim for complete customer satisfaction. We want to provide 5-star service every time. Don’t worry—we’ll take good care of you.

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How to Know You’ve Got Duct Trouble

One of the difficulties with ductwork is that most of it is hidden inside the house. After all, nobody wants exposed ducts in the walls or ceilings! Since ducts are designed not to draw attention, they can develop leaks and other problems and escape notice for a long time.

But you can watch for signs of duct problems. Here are a few:

  • Heating and cooling bills much higher than usual
  • Musty and moldy odors from the vents
  • Rattling noises in the ducts when the AC or heater comes on
  • Low airflow coming from the vents
  • Cold or hot spots around the house

When you notice one or more of these symptoms of ductwork problems, we recommend calling us for duct testing.

Finding Duct Problems and Fixing Them

Our duct testing process identifies how much duct leakage the ventilation system is suffering from. As the ducts lose air because of leaks, the air pressure drops inside—that’s how we can test for duct leakage.

When we have located the issue in the ducts, we can then decide if you need duct repair or full duct replacement. In the case of duct repair, our experts will use duct sealing techniques to restore the airtight integrity of the ventilation system. This job takes more powerful tools than duct tape, so please never try it yourself! Duct replacement may be necessary for highly damage ducts or ducts that were poorly installed (wrong size, wrong material, etc.).

We’re Your HVAC Geeks in Orlando, FL

No matter the amount of duck leakage and duct sealing you need, or complete duct replacements, English Air Inc. is the Orlando, FL contractor to call. We’ll use the finest in new technology to take care of fixing your home’s ventilation system so it and the rest of the HVAC system work up to the highest possible standards.

We offer in-home estimates and have certified technicians to get the job done right. It’s our policy to always charge a fair price with no surprises. It’s for these reasons (and many others) that we get 99% of our business through referrals.

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