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Commercial Air Conditioning in Orlando, FL

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It’s no secret that your business needs proper air conditioning for the benefit of  your customers, clients, and employees. When you work with English Air Inc. in Orlando, FL, you’ll always get great commercial air conditioning results, from repairs to installations.

  • We care more about commercial air conditioning systems than you do!
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Get in touch with the our pros and you’ll get reliable service, experience that matters, and a team dedicated to providing you with efficient commercial air conditioning.

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Commercial Air Conditioners Are Vital in Orlando, FL

Temperatures in the 90s are common during an Orlando summer. When you factor in the high humidity, most days feel well over 100°F. You don’t want to risk having your business’ air conditioner suddenly crash on you. Whether you run a restaurant or an office space, maintaining comfortable conditions indoors is essential.

If you are currently in the market for a new commercial air conditioner, either to replace a failing one or for a new establishment, start out right with experienced and trained commercial HVAC technicians. You can count on our team to find the correctly sized units to provide even cooling for your commercial space without creating unnecessary waste of energy.

The Best Daikin Commercial Cooling Equipment

We are proud to be a Daikin 3D Dealer, Daikin Comfort Pro, and recognized as the #1 Daikin service company in Florida. What this means for you is that we can offer the finest in commercial cooling technology for your business, such as the Daikin VRV System. These are split air conditioners for businesses that modulate refrigerant flow to match climate needs. This helps to create finer zone control around a building and reduce the work load of the AC, since it will operate most of the time at a lower capacity.

We offer many types of models with flexible options, so you can trust that we’ll locate the units that will perfectly meet the individual needs of your commercial space. We take pride in our professional installation service.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Our job isn’t over once we have your new commercial AC in place. We want you to have peace of mind the cooling system will continue to work day after day the way it should, even with the stresses of an Orlando summer pressing down on it.

We can offer you this peace of mind with our maintenance and repair services. Maintenance is an essential service in our climate—it keeps air conditioners from rapidly wearing down and developing mold and mildew trouble. We can set your business up for the routine inspections and tune-ups necessary to keep the AC work. And if you have any air conditioner trouble, call English Air Inc. and we’ll be there with an expert diagnosis and commercial AC repair you need.

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