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Wi-Fi / Smart Thermostats in Orlando, FL

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Wi-Fi-enabled and smart thermostats can make a huge difference in your home comfort and budget. For a low cost, the team at English Air Inc. can install or repair your new thermostat to ensure you get precise temperature control and convenience.

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Before you start inspecting your AC for trouble, why not upgrade your thermostat system so that your home functions as it should in the 21st century?

Call English Air Inc. in Orlando, FL for thermostat installation, replacement, or repair. We’re the Expert’s Expert!


A Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation Makes a Big Difference

Wi-Fi and smart thermostats (usually the same technology is found in one unit) are the next step in home climate controls. The Wi-Fi connection allows you to access the thermostat from almost anywhere using a computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can adjust temperatures and change settings when you’re away from home to save energy or to get the house ready for your return. And you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving the system on when you go for a trip: just check in through the Wi-Fi and shut it off.

A "smart" thermostat is one that can take over many of its functions and run itself. It can learn from your settings and develop its own program to increase energy savings. A smart thermostat can tell you how much you’re saving and help you save even more.

A Wi-Fi Thermostat Repair Can Rescue Your Comfort

The complex computerized systems in Wi-Fi/smart thermostats make them almost impossible to repair unless you are professional trained and equipped for the job. When a thermostat in a home malfunctions, it can mean a heater and AC turning on and off at the wrong times, not coming on at all, or running continually. When your HVAC system starts to behave strangely, call our technicians and they’ll provide a diagnosis of the problem. If they find out your thermostat is at fault, they can provide Wi-Fi thermostat repair, or give you a free in-home estimate on a Wi-Fi thermostat replacement.

Your Local HVAC Geeks Have the Thermostat Service You Need in Orlando, FL

If you’re already considering a Wi-Fi thermostat installation as a major upgrade to your HVAC system, the first step is to get in touch with us. Trying to purchase a thermostat online and putting it in yourself can end up causing damage to the HVAC system. Let our professional, polite, and diligent technicians take on the job and see that it’s done correctly. When we do a Wi-Fi thermostat replacement or any other HVAC service, we always aim for complete customer satisfaction.

We have served our Orlando, FL family for more than 12 years, and we get 99% of our business from referrals. Call English Air Inc. and join our other satisfied customers.

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