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Five-Star Service Every Time!


Serving the Greater Orlando Area Since 1998

Five-Star Service Every Time!



Commercial HVAC in Orlando, FL

Handling commercial HVAC services is much different from residential services. The systems work in similar ways, but not only do commercial systems require greater power, but they also have to handle different types of climate situations with needs that can rapidly fluctuate. Where most homes use split system ACs and heat pumps, commercial building tend to use packaged rooftop units. They also have more complicated zoning. Only skilled commercial HVAC technicians can do accurate work on these units, from installations to repairs.

English Air Inc. offers excellent commercial heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality to businesses in Orlando, FL and throughout Central Florida. Our trained and certified technicians provide 5-star service every time and can handle fast diagnosis of problems and offer solutions. We always charge a fair price with no surprises.

Work with the expert’s expert for your commercial heating and cooling needs.

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We Install Rooftop Units and Other Commercial HVAC Systems

The most common type of commercial comfort and climate control system is the rooftop unit. What makes rooftop units different from most residential comfort systems (air conditioner and heat pumps) is that rooftop units house all their components in one cabinet—a packaged unit—rather than split between an outdoor condenser and an indoor evaporator and air handler. This allows for more space inside the commercial space, reduced noise, and ease of maintenance and service. You can rely on our technicians to take care of installation for rooftop units and any other work you may need for them in the future.

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Commercial Heating and Cooling Repairs and Maintenance

If your commercial space suddenly runs into trouble, it can leave your employees and customers sweating and your equipment in danger of overheating. We can help! Call us for your AC or heating repair, and we’ll dispatch a trained tech to get the system working again as fast as possible. We always aim for complete customer satisfaction, no matter the job. To help your commercial HVAC equipment work with few problems and at highest efficiency, we can take care of the regular maintenance service it needs during the year. There is no better way to protect your investment in commercial heating and cooling than to have professional maintenance.

Only Let Experts Handle Your Commercial HVAC Systems in Orlando, FL

We must stress this: only allow a licensed pro to take care of your commercial comfort need. We’re business owners ourselves with more than 12 years of history in Orlando, FL, so we understand how important your business is to you—and how much the local climate can affect it when there isn’t a properly working HVAC system in place!

Think of us as you local AC geeks: the people who love to know all there is about heating and cooling technology so they can put it to work for you. We don’t just want you to have a decent new rooftop unit or commercial heater. We want you to have one of the best, energy-efficient units on the market. (Just ask us about our Daikin VRV systems!)

Rooftop Package Units