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Commercial Indoor Air Quality in Orlando, FL

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Businesses in Orlando, FL require professional services that get the job done. When you call English Air Inc., you’ll get access to experienced technicians, powerful systems, and services that count.

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There’s a reason why we’re considered “the expert’s expert,” and that’s because we’re a team of licensed professionals that provide air purifier and air filtration services for other professionals. We’re the pros you can count on.

Contact English Air Inc. for commercial indoor air quality services in Orlando, FL. We’re the Expert’s Expert!


Air Filtration and Air Purification for Your Business

Most indoor air quality improvements (for homes or businesses) start with installing air filters. This can be tricky, since putting in air filters too powerful for a commercial HVAC system will result in damage from increased air pressure. Finding the right balance is part of the job a professional IAQ technician.

Since air filters cannot stop all pollutants, often allowing gas and odor molecule to slip through, HVAC technicians often pair the filters with electronic air purifiers. We can install many types of purifiers depending on the needs of your building. Ionizers are the most common type, but if your building has issues with bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and microorganisms, we can outfit the HVAC system with a powerful UV air purifier.

Humidity Balance Is Key in the Orlando, FL Climate

Orlando’s relative humidity can go through huge swings over the year. Summers experience high humidity levels that can make moderately warm days feel like heat waves. But winters can turn uncomfortably dry. Neither condition is ideal: you want the inside of your commercial space to be at around 45% relative humidity. This ensures the best in comfort, but it also prevents damage to equipment and building material that both dry and humid conditions can cause.

If you have imbalanced humidity, call us and we’ll install whole-building humidifiers and dehumidifiers. We’ll put the power to balance the humidity in your building right into your hands.

Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators and Other IAQ Services

One of the most effective ways to improve commercial indoor air quality is to better ventilate the space. Energy and heat recovery ventilators allow this without putting extra stress on the HVAC system. These devices (ERVs and HRVs) use the energy already expended to heat and cool the indoor air to pre-cool and pre-heat incoming currents of fresh air. ERVs and HRVs mean fresh air and no massive increase in utility bills.

If you’re interested in energy and heat recovery ventilators—or any other of our commercial IAQ services for Orlando, FL—schedule an appointment with us. We’re bringing excellence back!

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