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Five-Star Service Every Time!


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Five-Star Service Every Time!



Commercial Heating in Orlando, FL

Some homes in Central Florida can try to slip by without any type of central heating system, although we don’t recommend trying it. There are a few cold days here and there in the winter. But when it comes to a commercial building, with larger amounts of space and more difficulty trapping heat, a heating system of some kind is a necessity. But what commercial heaters are right for your business? What heating services are required to ensure you have enough heat and little energy waste?

These are all good questions, and English Air Inc. can answer them for you, as well as take care of the commercial heater service that follows those answers. We have a more than 12 years of experience in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas, and our professional, polite, and diligent technicians deliver 5-star service on each job. We’re your local HVAC geeks who keep up with the best, newest HVAC technology.

Let the expert’s expert see to your commercial heating!

Installing and Replacing Commercial Heaters

Air conditioning systems are foremost on people’s minds in Florida, and for some good reasons. That means business owners are often unfamiliar with commercial heating systems and which ones are ideal to meet their needs. This is where you can rely on our experience to help you. We work with a wide variety of HVAC systems, including rooftop units and geothermal systems that can deliver the level of heat you need, but also keep away energy waste. It’s a tricky balance, but that’s why you want to work with licensed and certified experts for installing and replacing a commercial heater.

Commercial Heating Repair Services

It’s a rainy day in February, and the temperatures outside have dropped down to the coldest they may be the whole year. The heater for your commercial space kicks on as it’s supposed to—and then it either abruptly starts working or can’t keep up with the demand for warmth. This is a serious problem, almost as bad as when an AC sputters out during a 100°F summer day!

But you have help! Our technicians are expert at diagnosis and repair. We’ll send a tech to your business to find out what’s ailing their commercial heater and then offer you solutions. You can always trust us to be honest and see that you have complete customer satisfaction at the end of the job.

Routine Commercial Heating Maintenance in Orlando, FL

An air conditioner runs so often during the year in Orlando, FL that missing even one maintenance appointment during the year can put the system in serious jeopardy. But does the same apply to a commercial heater? Yes! Just because the commercial heater doesn’t put in as much work as the air conditioner, it must have at least an annual inspection and tune-up to ensure it operates at peak efficiency and dodges unnecessary repair.

Sign up for regular commercial heating maintenance with English Air Inc. and we’ll see that your heater rarely gives you any grief. With each job we do, we’re bringing excellence back! Arrange for an appointment today for maintenance, repairs, installations, and more.