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Five-Star Service Every Time!



Commercial VRV Systems in Orlando, FL

The technology of commercial heating and cooling never stands still—although you might think it is when you go to many commercial HVAC contractors who still offer the same standard systems that have been in use for years. You may not realize some of superb options for energy-saving, flexible central ACs available for your business. One example is the VRV system from Daikin. It may be the air conditioner your commercial space has needed all along.

For installation and other VRV system services in Orlando, FL and throughout Central Florida, turn to the trusted and licensed Daikin pros at English Air Inc.. We’ve been in business for 12 years and receive 99% of our business from satisfied customer referrals. Our technicians are professional, polite, and diligent, and we always charge a fair price with no surprises.

Call the expert’s expert for the finest in commercial HVAC technology!

What Is a Daikin VRV System?

The Daikin VRV system is one of the most advanced types of central air conditioning systems for commercial buildings. It’s a multi-split type AC (both indoor and outdoor units, similar to what many homes use) that uses the advance of variable refrigerant flow control which Daikin originally developed. VRV (which stands for variable refrigerant volume) allows for finer control over temperatures and can maintain individual zone control in each room and on every floor of a commercial space.

Variable refrigerant control circulates only the minimum amount of refrigerant necessary for current conditions. Standard ACs can only circulate the maximum amount, no matter conditions, so a VRV system modulates cooling and helps reduce energy consumption.

How a Daikin VRV System Can Benefit a Commercial Building

Investing in a Daikin VRV system costs more than using conventional packaged rooftop units. However, the installation rapidly pays for itself with numerous benefits. Here are a few of the best advantages of using variant refrigerant volume technology.

  • Energy-saving: An air conditioner doesn’t need to run at maximum power each time it turns on, which lowers energy bills for its operation without sacrificing comfort levels.
  • Adaptable design: VRV systems have modular design for the outdoor units and many types of indoor units, so you can find the best design for your building.
  • Individual control: You can set climate controls for each zone in your building, including for each floor, to maximize comfort and ideal settings for work.
  • Flexible layout: You can have up to 64 indoor units for each outdoor unit, and the refrigerant piping is flexible enough to make it easy to install the system the way you want it.

We Install and Service VRV Commercial Systems for Orlando, FL Businesses

Why should you trust English Air Inc. for your commercial HVAC needs? Because we’re your local Orlando, FL, HVAC geeks! We love keeping up with the advances in comfort systems, and our technicians are trained in the newest equipment, such as VRV commercial systems. We are also recognized as the #1 Daikin service company in Florida, and we’re a Daikin 3D Dealer and Daikin Comfort Pro. We can do the best possible work for Daikin equipment, and we aim to deliver the same level of 5service to our commercial clients as to our residential clients. We are committed to customer satisfaction on every job.