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Five-Star Service Every Time!



Duct Testing and Sealing in Orlando, FL

You may not realize it, but there might be a thief hiding in your attic at this moment, stealing money from you. No, it’s not a sinister figure cloaked in black with a slouch hat pulled down over its eyes. It’s leaks in the ductwork! And this thief stealing energy from your HVAC system and your wallet might be stalking elsewhere in the walls or any other space where the ducts of the ventilation system are located.

You can stop this thief, but you’ll need help from people familiar with finding and catching him. English Air Inc. is the HVAC company serving Orlando, FL and Central Florida with duct testing and duct sealing to stop this energy thief. Our technicians use the best equipment for the job, and they’ll see you receive a 5-star experience every time.

Stop the ductwork thief with the help of the expert’s expert!

The Problems of Air Leaks in the Ductwork

We aren’t exaggerating when we talk about leaky ducts as energy and money thieves. One of the fastest ways to cut into the energy efficiency of an HVAC system is to have holes, breaches, and breaks along the duct passages. It may not sound too drastic, but a ventilation system is supposed to be airtight so it can maintain constant air pressure. Leaks allow air to escape and air pressure to drop, affecting the performance of the whole system. Up to 30% of the air circulating through the ducts can be lost to the attic or between walls because of these leaks. This is air you’ve already paid money to cool or heat—and it’s going nowhere.

Along with the wasted energy, air leaks drop airflow and introduce hot and cold spots around a house. They can also allow musty smells into the ventilation system and excess dust and dirt that may damage the AC or heater.

Duct Testing Is the First Step

Although you can’t see most of the ducts in your home, you can detect signs of leaky ducts:

  • Excessively high heating and cooling costs
  • Rattling sounds from the ducts when the HVAC system turns on
  • Dusty, musty, and moldy smells from the vents
  • Hot and cold spots in rooms

If you’ve never had the ducts tested before, these signs will tell you the time has come. Schedule testing with our technicians. They’ll use advanced equipment to find out how bad the air leakage is and what needs to be done about it. They’ll provide you with upfront pricing and options about the best way to proceed.

The Professionals for Your Duct Sealing in Orlando, FL

Sealing ducts is a task for certified professionals—not a task for a roll of duct tape! (Duct tape isn’t useful for ducts, despite the name.) We’ll use tools such as mastic sealant and metallic tapes to make your ventilation system airtight once more. When we’re finished, we’ll re-test the ducts to make sure the job was done thoroughly—we’re committed to your satisfaction!

No matter your HVAC needs in Orlando, FL, English Air Inc. can do the job. Don’t worry—we’ve got this!