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5 Problems That Stem From Poor Air Conditioner Maintenance

Maintenance is often an oversight when you picture air conditioning service in Winter Park, FL, but it’s critically important. Maintenance serves as a point of inspection for your AC. It allows your technician to ensure everything is working exactly as it should be and renew your AC’s efficiency.

However, maintenance often uncovers problems in their early stages, such as poor wiring, refrigerant leaks, and more. These are problems that you as a homeowner don’t realize until your system breaks down–let’s talk about the big issues that stem from a bad AC maintenance schedule and why it’s imperative to set up annual appointments today.

1. Lowered Efficiency

Simply put: lower efficiency equals more money out of your pocket every month when it’s time to pay your energy bills. Why pay more money when you don’t have to?

Maintenance has its price, but it pales in comparison to the amount of money you’ll needlessly spend on electricity to keep your AC running. Maintenance renews that efficiency as much as possible every single year.

2. More Frequent Breakdowns

Maintenance is all about preventative measures. That means when a technician spots something that’s not quite right, they can address the issue and prevent it from evolving into a much larger (more expensive) problem.

3. Shorter Unit Lifespan

Wouldn’t it be great if your AC lasted for the full 10-15 years that it’s supposed to? Or even longer? Your air conditioner needs maintenance to address problems and prevent components from getting damaged during breakdowns if you want it to last.

It’s the same as an oil change. You know if you don’t change the oil in your car, it sludges up the engine and may even cause you to replace your engine block if it’s left like that long enough. That’s the same thing with AC maintenance, in a nutshell.

4. Poor Indoor Air Quality

The air you breathe is important, and your air conditioner plays a vital role in that. The inlet filter helps capture dust, dander, allergens, and particles in the air that you would otherwise breathe in.

It all gets trapped in the filter and pulls it out of the air, and this happens every single day. While you should supplement your air quality with a whole home air purifier on top of your AC, you can’t deny that it does a pretty good job at cleaning the air in your home.

5. Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is what makes your air conditioner actually cool the air that comes through it. However, refrigerant isn’t safe for you to touch, and refrigerant leaks can open you up to unnecessary risks and exposure. Plus it can cause your evaporator coils to freeze up, damaging your AC and preventing it from cooling the air.

Stay Up to Date on Maintenance

We can’t stress this enough–make sure you don’t skip out on your maintenance appointments. It’s important to have a healthy check-up for your air conditioner to avoid major problems and breakdowns in the future. After your repair call, set up annual maintenance visits with us and we’ll help keep your AC in check all year long.

Contact English Air, Inc. today to schedule your air conditioning service as soon as possible.

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