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5 Signs That You’ll Have AC Trouble this Summer

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a crystal ball that you could look into and tell you the future? If you had this that unexpected popped tire, the stain on your shirt, and other unexpected problems wouldn’t have you so caught off guard. Well we don’t have a crystal ball for you, but we do have years of experience that can hip us to the signs that your air conditioner is about to go out.

Having the right AC repair in Winter Park, FL when you need it is important. What’s the point in getting “help” that isn’t actually going to help you. We’re here to make sure that your air conditioner’s service is specially tailored to you.

Watch Out for These Signs

Here are some signs that you might have ac trouble this summer. The sooner you notice the better. Our technicians can come out and fix your problems in no time.

1.      Short Cycling

Have you noticed that your air conditioning system is short cycling? Short cycling is when your air conditioner starts, runs for a short amount of time, stops, and then starts up again. Short cycling is what’s going to happen when your air conditioner is declining in efficiency.

If you let short cycling happen without stemming the flow of the problem, then it will definitely lead to a repair. Short cycling is hard on your AC system.

2.      Increasing High Energy Bills

You don’t want to notice an increase in your energy bills. If you do, then you’re probably going to notice gradual increases in the price of your AC system as time goes on. Increasing energy bills are a sign of inefficiency that you shouldn’t ignore.

3.      Odd New Quirks

Odd new quirks might include things like weird noises or odd scents. Your air conditioner and new symptoms don’t really mix. It’s a machine at the end of the day so you shouldn’t notice any new issues. Any odd new quirks that you notice are going to lead to repair issues. They’re likely to pop up this summer with the heat we’re experiencing.

4.      Humidity Imbalances

If your home is especially humid, you should absolutely take note of this and expect air conditioning repair problems late. Humidity imbalances are bad because your air conditioner should be able to handle a fair amount of humidity control. If your AC system can’t, then it’s running into further issues.

5.      Thermostat Issues

Have you noticed any thermostat problems going on with your home’s air conditioner? Maybe you’ve noticed that the reading is completely off. It’s like your air conditioner and your thermostat aren’t in sync. Your thermostat won’t turn your air conditioner on or off when you need it to.

Thermostat issues are a problem that points to future air conditioning repair services. You might have air conditioning issues or even electrical issues. We’ll help you determine what’s what and fix it.

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