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What to Look for in an HVAC Contractor

The furnace is on the fritz, your air conditioner feels more like a heater–whatever the reason is, you need an HVAC technician in your home ASAP. The only problem is… who do you pick? Who do you invite into your home to work on the comfort system that your entire family relies on?

When you pick an HVAC contractor in Mary Lakes, FL, you want to be absolutely certain you pick the right one. That’s what we’re here to help you with today. Let’s go over the best aspects of any HVAC company that you should look for before hiring them.

Local Reputation

Whether it’s through online reviews (which you need to pan through carefully to find the gold nuggets of information), or seeing local advertisements for a specific HVAC company, local reputation matters.

But the most powerful way to identify local reputation is through word-of-mouth reviews. Maybe your sister-in-law hired that HVAC company last year, or your neighbor worked with them previously. Ask around, ask people you trust, and get honest, unbiased opinions.

Certified and Insured

Certification and insurance are both monumentally important. Certified technicians are able to provide a higher level of service and special attention to detail, and while they’re important, insurance is even more so.

Imagine this: a technician comes to your home to work on your air conditioner, and they fall in your home. The accident lands them in the hospital. Mistakes happen, but should you be liable for them when you invited the technician onto your property to work on that specific issue in the first place? Absolutely not.

When your HVAC company is insured, it’s on them. They insure their workers specifically so that when accidents happen, the homeowner isn’t held liable. Even if you’re only having a technician come in for a routine maintenance appointment, you still want that surety that if an accident happens, you’re covered.

Transparent Pricing

Nothing is worse than finding a great product or service, and then finding the asterisks on the bottom of the pricing page that sneakily changes the terms of payment or the cost. There are so many deceptive marketing practices at work that you have to be careful, so when your HVAC company choice states a price and doesn’t hide fees, that’s worth its weight in gold.

You won’t find pricing on a webpage, because every HVAC call is a little bit different. Instead, call and talk to someone at the HVAC company you’re considering and ask them about how they handle pricing, fees, and anything else you care to know.

We’re All That and More

It’s time to go with an HVAC company that not only knows what you need, but delivers it as quickly as possible without compromising your comfort. That’s us–if you’re ready to start your next installation, need to call for a repair, or replace an old HVAC unit, we’re a simple phone call or contact form submission away.

Contact English Air Inc. today to schedule your HVAC services as soon as possible.

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