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Are Heat Pumps a Good Fit for Florida’s Climate?

If it’s time to upgrade your home’s HVAC system, a heat pump is a great way to go. Our team can help whether you already have a heat pump and want to upgrade to a newer model or have never had one before. We’re the experts at heat pump installation in Orlando.

Just give us a call to schedule your in-home assessment today. We can talk to you about your various heat pump options and which one might be right for your family. You can also keep reading to learn more about heat pumps and why they’re particularly great for our climate here in Florida. 

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

During the summer, a heat pump works in much the same way as a central air conditioner. Refrigerant cycles through the lines to absorb heat from your home and transfer it outside. In the winter, a heat pump operates in a unique way that no other heater uses. The refrigerant lines reverse to move refrigerant in the opposite direction. Refrigerant begins to absorb heat from the outside and bring it into your home for warmth.

Heat Pump Benefits

A heat pump is particularly beneficial in the winter for heating. This is especially true here in Florida, where we have milder winters with temperatures that don’t get nearly as low as some of our neighbors farther to the north. Even when it’s cold outside, there is still some heat to be absorbed from the air to bring into your home for heating. 

With milder winters, a lack of heat to bring inside is never really a problem for our climate. Heat pumps are also much safer to operate compared to a gas or electric furnace. Furnaces use heating elements and igniters to create heat and blow it into your home. Although rare, these processes can create fire hazards and elevate safety risks.

Heat pumps are not completely without risks. They operate using electricity, and you do have to consider the possibility of a refrigerant leak. However, a heat pump doesn’t face the other safety risks that you have with a furnace. Transferring heat energy is a much safer way to warm up your home


Heat pumps are among the more affordable options for heating and cooling your home. This is especially true when you consider that a heat pump is an all-in-one system, and you can eliminate the need for a separate heater and air conditioner. You also stand to save money on your monthly energy costs, especially if you invest in a high-efficiency model. 

When you’re selecting a heat pump, pay attention to the efficiency readings for both heating and cooling. This is something that our team can help with. A high-efficiency model may cost more to purchase upfront, but it’s going to save you more over the life of the unit on your monthly energy costs, and that can add up quickly.

Are you ready to talk about the options for installing air conditioning in your home? Contact the English Air team today to discuss your specific needs.

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