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Pros and Cons of Ductless Vs Central Air Conditioning

You want your house to be nice and cool without having to worry about it. We all do. But the way you want your home cooled might differ from how your spouse does, or maybe even other family members that live with you.

Maybe there’s a fight over the thermostat, and maybe you just want to set it and forget it. That’s when you start learning about ductless air conditioning, its pros and cons, and whether or not it would be better than just upgrading your current air conditioner for a newer central AC system.

Let’s look at this like a cage match: it’s ductless ac installation in Orlando, FL and we’re going to help you figure out who wins.

Central AC System

Let’s look at the pros and cons of central AC. It’s the most common type here in Orlando, but it’s not necessarily the best choice for you. Ductless units are simply newer and not in as many homes. Let’s see what benefits ducted air conditioning systems still have.

  • Even cooling throughout your entire home. You just set the temperature, walk away, and your entire home will be cooled evenly. It’s convenient if you usually use multiple rooms throughout your home as the day goes on.
  • A budget-friendly choice. It’s a well-optimized type of air conditioning. It’s standard, but much better and more efficient than window units.
  • Fairly long lifespan. Central air conditioners last anywhere from 10-15 years. If you maintain it well, it’ll last.

But now let’s look at some cons because central AC isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It has its flaws that you need to look at objectively before you decide on a specific type of AC to cool your home.

  • It’s prone to air leaks. Because it has ductwork, it has a problem that ductless units don’t have: air leaks. When air leaks it costs money and ruins your efficiency.
  • Duct maintenance and cleaning is a chore. It’s a service you don’t need often, but it’s another thing you have to worry about.
  • Insulation isn’t cheap. Your air ducts need to be insulated, otherwise the air inside can warm up a little before it reaches your vents.

Ductless AC System

Ductless units are shiny and newer solutions than ducted ones, but they also have a few critical pain points we need to address. First, let’s look at the reasons it’s a great alternative to central AC.

  • Great energy efficiency. It’s about as energy efficient as you’re going to get to cool your home.
  • Zone control. You like the living room at one temperature, your spouse likes the bedroom at another. With multiple air handlers, you can control the temperature in different rooms. No problem.
  • No ductwork. You won’t have to worry about conditioned air being lost to ductwork.

Ductless has a few downsides though, and they’re absolute deal-breakers for some people. It all depends on what you value in an air conditioner.

  • Upfront cost. It’s not cheap to purchase or install ductless units, but it does make up for it in monthly operating expenses.
  • Less aesthetic than vents. We’re all used to vents, but having the ductless AC header sticking through the wall? It’s not a major decor bonus.

It’s Looking Like Ductless

While the upfront cost is higher, ductless systems are often revered as better. With better energy efficiency and deceptively powerful output, these units work great in just about every home type here in Florida.

Contact English Air, Inc. today to schedule your air conditioner installation or ductless unit installation as soon as possible.

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