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How Air Purifiers Help You Sleep Better Every Night

We all know that air purifiers help clean the air, but nobody thinks about how clean air impacts the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Breathing fluctuates while you sleep, and when your breath is more shallow, it’s important to make sure the air you’re breathing in is the cleanest it can be.

So does this mean you should bother with air purifier service in Orlando, FL? We’d argue yes, but it’s not enough to just mention that these machines help you sleep–let’s do a deep dive and explain everything.

Air Purifiers Reduce Allergens in the Air

If you have allergies, then you already know how miserable it is to try and get any rest when they’re affecting you. There are little particles that float around called allergens that just love to irritate your nose, throat, and lungs. But these can impact you even if you don’t have allergies.

Inhaling all that dust, pet dander, pollen from outside, and anything else floating around in the air weighs on your respiratory system. It’s more work for your lungs to filter out all the garbage that came in with the air, and you might even feel congested when you wake up if your lungs couldn’t clear everything out.

While allergy sufferers stand to gain the most in this instance, these benefits are for the whole family. Everyone will sleep a bit easier with cleaner air in the home.

Enhances Respiratory Health

Your respiratory system is designed to filter out debris, to a certain extent. The thing is, the indoor air quality in your home? It’s likely worse than the outdoor air quality, so it’s like putting your lungs into overdrive just to maintain your body the way it is now.

People become used to bad sleep when their respiratory systems take a hit, and then they become blind to it. You might not realize that you’re missing out on good quality sleep, so let us ask you this: have you ever felt more rested at a hotel or an in-law’s house after a full night’s rest? If so, it could be the difference in air quality.

Reduces Odors in the AIr

Ever wake up because of a bad smell wafting through the air? It not only has the ability to wake you up, but it may also prevent you from falling asleep as fast as you could. Even when we’re not fully aware of it, our olfactory system is constantly detecting scents in the air. It’s a survival instinct. Clean air that’s free of odors and possesses as few particles as possible helps your body stay in a relaxed state throughout the night.

It’s Time for a Good Night’s Rest

You know that you deserve better sleep, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to take control of your indoor air quality, your quality of sleep, and you can get started right now. Contact us to learn more about our air purification and filtration systems. There’s never been a better time to get serious about indoor air quality.

Contact English Air Inc. today to schedule your air purifier installation as soon as possible, and start sleeping easier.

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