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What You Get During Air Conditioner Maintenance


Air conditioner maintenance is critical for the longevity of your AC unit. It’s even important for ongoing efficiency, which leads to energy savings. Everyone wants lower energy bills, right?

With air conditioning service in Lake Mary, FL, there are a few things you get in a maintenance call. Let’s talk about them before you schedule your new standing annual maintenance appointment.

Improved Air Quality

Your indoor air quality is dependent on how your filter traps air and the quality of air that’s pushed out through your vents. Maintenance helps with both of those things.

When your AC runs optimally, it’s better at pulling in and therefore filtering air. While your air filter isn’t a replacement for an air purification system, it’s powerful enough to help reduce irritants and allergens from the air and make it easier to sleep at night.

Better AC Efficiency

A more efficient air conditioner means lower energy bills and fewer breakdowns. While you can’t guarantee a certain number of AC breakdowns in your lifetime or how much maintenance will reduce that number by, you can see the benefits of maintenance on your energy bill every single month.

During maintenance, the evaporator coil is cleaned, components are checked for potential failure, air ducts may be inspected depending on the maintenance plan you’re on, and more. It acts as a point of inspection so you always know that your AC is working properly.

Fewer Repair Calls

There’s never a guarantee, but as far as calls for general wear and tear causing a ruckus, maintenance helps. Repairs often pop up when an air conditioner is working too hard because it hasn’t been maintained properly.

When that happens, components may fail from unnecessary stress, and some may even break entirely, causing a collapse in the other system components. It’s a mess, but it can be avoided (for the most part) with regular annual maintenance.

It’s important to note that you may still have a fair few repair calls (things happen), but they should ideally include fewer component replacements. That’ll save you money over the years.

Fewer AC Replacements in Your Lifetime

The long-term goal is simple: replace fewer air conditioners in your lifetime. We don’t have to tell you that it’s a pretty expensive problem to have, so if you can even reduce your AC replacements by one throughout your life, you can save big.

Maintenance lowers your standard energy use and bills, so these calls usually pay for themselves in energy spend reduction alone. Factor in the four or five figures it can save on replacements? That sounds good to us.

Improve Your Comfort (and Your Life)

When your air conditioner isn’t maintained, you can feel it every single day. For your comfort, your wallet, and to hopefully see fewer AC replacements throughout your lifetime, you need to schedule AC maintenance as soon as possible.

Beyond all the long-term benefits, it’s also great to know you won’t have to deal with as many stressful situations where your AC breaks down entirely. Reduce your stress and improve your comfort–call us today to get it done.

Contact English Air Inc. today to schedule your air conditioner maintenance as soon as possible. You’ll feel the difference.

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