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Uncommon AC Repairs You May Run Into


When it comes to AC repairs, there are a lot of common issues that most homeowners will encounter someday. Capacitor problems, some bad wiring, and maybe a dirty filter, but you already expect that. You know what’s coming down the line–at least, most of it.

Beyond the basic thermostat problems and intermediate duct insulation issues, there are some uncommon and downright odd problems that your air conditioner might run into. They all require AC repair in Lake Mary, FL, so let’s take a look at them.

Water Leaks Leading to Your AC

To clarify: these are not leaks that stem from your AC in any way. These could be leaks that come from your sink, bathroom piping, or anywhere in your home, really.

We all know that water and electricity don’t mix, but that problem would present itself to you rather abruptly. There are a couple of other ways that water damage can impact your air conditioner.

  • Mold Growth: Mold is unforgiving. It creates health problems, but if it’s in the cavities of your home where AC ductwork lies, it could cause mold that can damage the duct material, or pull those contaminants into your air supply.
  • Instability Issues: Water damage is no laughing matter. It doesn’t take long for it to cause five figures worth of damage, and when it pools around your air conditioner or the intake vent, it can lead to instability issues. Beyond that, it can impact how your air conditioner operates.

Your AC Cabinet Can Sink Into the Ground

You know how your air conditioner’s outdoor unit is sitting on a slab of concrete? That’s for a good reason. The weight of the AC cabinet can cause it to sink into the ground, so it needs a stable foundation.

A level foundation keeps the AC cabinet level, and that’s important for a few reasons. All it takes is a few degrees worth of tilting for your air conditioner to run into operability problems. For instance, your AC has a drainage line, and if that’s tilted the wrong way, water could pool inside of your cabinet.

The thing is, concrete foundations can still sink into the ground over time. This is something your HVAC technician will check during maintenance.

Rodents Chewing Through the Ductwork

When it gets cold outside, critters look for warm places to hide. What’s warmer than the ductwork in your home when the furnace kicks on in the middle of winter? Your AC shares that ductwork, so this can impact your air conditioner’s performance come summer.

Rodents can eat the ductwork, resulting in holes that let cool air leak out. Beyond that, your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool your home if there are inefficiencies and air pressure problems in your ductwork.

Unlikely Problems, But Far From Impossible

While these issues are definitely unique, they still happen. Just not as frequently as everything else you can encounter. It’s always best to have a trained, professional technician inspect your air conditioner to make sure these problems aren’t prevalent.

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