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When to Call a Professional About Your AC

Are you wondering when you should call a professional about your home’s air conditioning system? We’re getting to that point of the year where you’re going to notice the faults in your air conditioner if this system has any. Are you wondering if its time for you to schedule an appointment for air conditioning in Orlando, FL? We’re here to help you figure out if you need the help of a professional today.

Sometimes you’re not going to notice problems with your home’s air conditioner right away. We want you to notice them as soon as possible, though. Read through the signs that we’re going to list out below and keep them in your back pocket. They’ll help you this spring and summer!

Spring AC Problems That Will Hurt This Summer

Here are the problems that you might notice now that are going to hurt later:

1.      Short Cycling

It’s early on in the season, so any cycling problems that you have are only going to intensify as your weather gets even warmer over the summer.

Short cycling is when your home’s air conditioner starts, stops, pauses, and then starts up all over again. Short cycling is something that you might want to brush off for the time being because it seems so insignificant. If it hasn’t been happening for too long, you might not even notice any negative effects on your home.

2.      Hard Starting

Hard starting is just what it sounds like—it’s when your air conditioner struggles to turn on. If you hear your air conditioner straining to start in any way (this could be a loud banging noise, clicking, or rattling), then you should schedule an appointment with our team members. Hard starting is a bad omen and the issues will intensify with time.

3.      Thermostat Problems

Your home’s thermostat should always be as accurate as possible. If your home’s thermostat isn’t properly reflecting how your home feels, then you need to schedule an appointment with our team members.

If you’re having thermostat problems, we suggest that you start with an upgrade. Smart and/or Wi-Fi thermostats are great for your home’s needs. If you upgrade and your problems still aren’t solved, then you should absolutely schedule an appointment with one of our team members. You might be having a wiring issue.

4.      Poor Indoor Air Quality

Have you noticed that you have poor indoor air quality in your home? Poor indoor air quality related to your air conditioner might look like stuffiness, discomfort, excess dust, or even symptoms that mimic allergy problems.

5.      Not Enough Cool Air

Are you struggling to cool off with your home’s air conditioner? This shouldn’t be the case at any time of the year, but it definitely shouldn’t be something that you’re experiencing now because we’re so early on in the season. It’s bad news for your home. This means that your efficiency is declining. You should always have great capacity from your home’s air conditioner.

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