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Child With Asthma? This Home System Can Help Them Live Better

Asthma causes inflammation in the lungs to an excessive degree, which can not only make it harder for children to fall asleep, but even just live a normal life in their own home. We all experience inflammation in our lungs, but asthmatic people suffer differently.

Installing an air purifier service in Windermere, FL helps reduce particles in the air that cause throat and lung irritation. Our lungs filter out dust and debris–it has a system for that–but an asthmatic person’s lungs constrict instead. Let’s talk about why air purifiers could be a permanent improvement to their quality of life.

Reduces Risk of Asthma Attacks

Dust mites can trigger an asthma attack. This is when the muscles that surround your bronchial tubes become constricted, and greatly lowers your capacity to breathe. Beyond dust, other particulate matter in your home can cause similar reactions.

While whole house air purifiers don’t guarantee that your child will stop having asthma attacks in the home, they may reduce the likelihood especially when they run continuously.

Better Respiratory Health

If someone says “good air quality” you’re not going to associate that phrase with a bunch of particulate matter floating through the air. While you may not think that your indoor air quality is lacking, that’s because we become blind to the conditions we’re in. It’s why when you have a friend come over, they may notice a smell or air quality difference in your home, but you may not realize it right away.

Air purifiers lead to better respiratory health, because we’re straining our lungs less. There’s less for lung mucus to filter out. This is especially true in children with asthma.

Helps Them Sleep Better

When we sleep, our breathing fluctuates. Most people breathe slower while asleep, but that doesn’t persist throughout the night–our breathing speed increases during REM sleep. If we’re breathing faster, that means we’re likely taking in extra air contaminants.

Cleaner air provides sounder sleep for everyone, but especially for those suffering from asthma. You can even reduce their likelihood of lung inflammation while they’re asleep. That’s how powerful a home air purifier can be.

How Soon Can I Notice the Difference?

Air purification systems need to run continuously to work as planned. While you can notice a difference in the first 24 hours, it’s an ongoing job for your air purifier to do. Some people get frustrated when their air purifier runs for 20 minutes and they don’t notice a difference.

Reduce the amount of outside air entering your home, and couple your air purifier with a heat and energy recovery ventilator to help extend the benefits even further.

It’s Time to Breathe Cleaner Air

Your child deserves to breathe cleaner air, and so does your entire family. Install a whole house air purifier today and begin feeling the benefits as soon as possible. It makes a large-scale impact in your home and you can start feeling the difference pretty quickly–there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain when you improve your air quality.

Contact us today to schedule your air purifier installation as soon as possible.

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