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How Often You Really Need Your Ducts Cleaned

Your HVAC system uses forced air. Whether it’s a central AC or a gas furnace, it’s forcing air through a series of ducts and delivering it through the vents in various rooms of your home. We know you know that, but we laid it out like this so you could realize just how integral your ductwork is to your entire home heating and cooling system.

We handle duct cleaning in Belle Isle, FL because we know how important it is to keep them clean and clear, which is what we’re going to talk about today. Here’s why your ductwork shouldn’t be a second thought, even though it’s out of sight and out of mind.

Why Your Air Quality Is So Important

Your indoor air quality isn’t just important–it’s arguably one of the most important home health metrics to look out for, period. On average, the inside of any home in the United States has around 4-9 times more pollutants than outdoor air.

There are so many different ways for pollutants and particulate matter to enter your air, and that’s hard to manage, but do you know where a lot of it ends up? In your ductwork. Your HVAC system pulls air in, and some dust gets through that then travels into your ductwork and clings to the duct material. When enough time passes, that dust just circulates through the air in your home as it comes out of your vents, lowering your indoor air quality.

How Dust Creates Air Resistance in Your Ducts

Ducts capture bits of dust as air passes through them, and those slowly build up on the interior of your ducts. When air tries to push through your ductwork later, the dust on the edges acts as a force against the proper flow of air. It provides unnecessary obstacles for air to pass through or over, reducing the pressure of air as it exits your vents and pours into your home. This lowers your HVAC efficiency more than you might think.

In the End, This is How Often You Need Duct Cleaning Services

Once every 3-5 years is sufficient. Dust buildup happens over time, but it’s very gradual. And of course, a bit of that dust does get burned off when you turn your heater on for the first time each season. It’s difficult to remember to schedule infrequent services like dust cleaning, but it’s important. Set a reminder or put a mark in your favorite calendar app (if it goes that far).

Your Ducts Aren’t Getting Any Cleaner on Their Own

You don’t need duct cleaning all too often–once every 3-5 years is the target range, depending on how much you use your HVAC system. Though if we know one thing about Bells Isle, FL it’s that you’re using your AC pretty often. While it’s not annual, it’s still important. Don’t skip out on your ductwork cleaning.

Contact English Air, Inc. today to schedule your duct cleaning as soon as possible.

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