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AC Tips You Need to Know

Summer is never really “over” in Orlando. This is why you need to keep these air conditioning tips in mind. There are many simple things you can do to help keep your air conditioner in amazing shape. If you need air conditioning service in Orlando, FL, then our professionals are here to provide it for you.

We’re going to make sure that you have the best work available to you if the tips aren’t enough. We use our air conditioners for the majority of the year here in Florida. This means that you’re putting your air conditioner under an immense amount of stress for extended periods of time. These AC tips are going to help your home’s air conditioner last.

Life Saving AC Tips

Here are some tips that are going to be the saving grace of your home’s air conditioner. Keep these tips in mind:

1.      Pick a Mild Thermostat Temperature

It’s warm in Orlando—that’s no secret. Just because it’s hot in your home doesn’t mean that you should be picking a super low thermostat setting. Cold thermostat settings are a bad choice.

The lower the thermostat setting, the more money you’re going to be spending on your air conditioning services. This is unnecessary. You need to choose a mild thermostat setting and save yourself some money.

2.      Close Your Blinds

We know that you like letting in natural light during the day, but the natural light in your home can actually become your enemy during the height of summer. Natural lighting also increases the internal temperature of your home. If you’re looking to cool off your home with less energy and effort, you should close your blinds and curtains during the height of the day.

3.      Change Your Filter

Did you change your home’s AC filter this spring? It’s time for you to do so if you haven’t already. Changing your filter is going to help keep your air conditioner clean and ready to perform. This means that you can get the AC service that you’re looking for without hassle. You’ll save yourself a great amount of time and money by performing this simple task once a season.

4.      Call for Maintenance

Are you maintaining your home’s air conditioner? You need to once a year so that you can have the best air conditioning work possible. Maintaining your home’s AC unit once in spring is the easiest way to boost your AC efficiency. This will help you stay cooler with ease and it will help you save money in the process too.

5.      Use Your Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fan is the best ally to your home during the summer. The thing about a ceiling fan is that it keeps you cool, so it’s not an ally to you unless you’re in the room. Make sure that you’re using your ceiling fan to stay cool. It’s going to help you rely on your air conditioner less so that you can save yourself a substantial amount of money.

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