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What Does This AC Sound Mean?

Your air conditioner has been a little noisy in recent history. You don’t really know what this means, but you know that this is a big issue. That’s where our professionals step in. If you’re looking for air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL, you’re going to need to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

We know that air conditioning is your bread and butter when you live in a place like Florida. We make sure to cater to this when we’re considering your air conditioning repair. What does this mean? It means that we’re going to ensure that we get in, find the source of your air conditioning trouble, quickly solve the problem, and get out of your home fast. We don’t want to make things a hassle. We’ve got your back.

Troubling AC Sounds

So you’re hearing one of the sounds below and it’s troubling for you. What does it mean? We’ll get into the probable cause below:


Do you notice that your home’s air conditioner banging when it runs? A sound like this is more than likely disruptive in your home. The frustration probably comes from not knowing where the sound stem from. Banging is more than likely the sound of your air conditioner’s compressor trying to work and failing. Our professionals can sort this out for you.


There’s a distinct rattling noise going on somewhere in your air conditioner whenever it runs. What’s going on? Well, rattling is more than likely the sound of a part in your home’s air conditioning system that’s gotten loose and it’s rattling around. This means that you need to schedule an appointment with us.


Popping noises are somewhat normal when it comes from your ductwork system. This is the sound of your home’s ductwork expanding and contracting based on the temperature changes in your home. If the popping is particularly loud or persistent though, you’re going to need help from our professionals to stop it. Your air conditioning system is deteriorating.


Do you hear a loud metal on metal sound coming from your air conditioning system? This is a sign that your air conditioner has a part that’s off track and one part is grinding against the other. Don’t ignore this. Address this problem before it results in a greater problem with your air conditioning system.


“Wait… silence?”

Yes! You read that correctly. We know that we’ve gone on for a while here talking about how air conditioning sounds are a problem, but your air conditioner is going to make some noise. You can’t expect your air conditioner to be completely silent. In fact, you probably get a sense of relief when you hear your air conditioner click on and then hear that soft whooshing noise of the air moving through your home’s vents. This is a good thing.

Silence is a sign that your air conditioner is unresponsive or isn’t working. If you’re hearing silence when you’re trying to turn on your AC, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

Contact English Air Inc. when you’re ready to solve your air conditioning problems. Our professionals can handle anything you’re facing.

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