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It Might Be Time for a New Thermostat

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You know like we know that it’s going to be warm for a bit longer here in Florida. It’s important that you stay on top of your home’s HVAC services. It’s particularly important that you stay on top of your home’s air conditioning services in a place like Florida. You need your air conditioner for the majority of the year. If your air conditioning quality has declined in the last few months of summer and continued to decline in fall, then it’s time that you get yourself a new thermostat.

We’re going to help you with your HVAC service in Windermere, FL. There are quite a few options for your new thermostat on the market. We’re going to help you wade through all the options and find the perfect unit for your needs. Come to us.

Some Signs That You Need a New Thermostat

Here are some signs that you might need a new thermostat in your home. You can come to us for everything that you need:

  • You Haven’t Updated Your Thermostat in Years: When was the last time you updated your home’s thermostat? If you haven’t updated your thermostat in about a decade, then it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with us. We’re going to make sure you have the perfect thermostat to meet your home’s needs.
  • Your Readings Are Wrong: Have you noticed that your home’s thermostat reading is just glaringly inaccurate these days? That’s a problem. Your thermostat should be precise. If it isn’t, then you need a new unit.
  • You’re Uncomfortable: Do you feel like you have to hover over your home’s thermostat to keep your home comfortable? You shouldn’t have to stay uncomfortable in your home. If you are, then you need to upgrade your home’s thermostat.

Come to us when you want the best services for your home:

Your Thermostat Options

You have many options when it comes to thermostat upgrades, but if you truly want the latest, you’ve got two main options. Wi-Fi thermostat or a smart thermostat. We’ll get into all the points that you need to know below.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

A Wi-Fi thermostat is a thermostat that can be controlled anywhere in the world. Wi-Fi thermostats are great because they grant you a more precise amount of control over your HVAC system. This means that you can start cooling off your home before you even arrive home. You’re going to save yourself time, energy, and money with a Wi-Fi thermostat in your home.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi thermostat with the added capability of “learning” how to heat and cool your home. Smart thermostats start observing your home from the second it’s installed. This means that it’s going to note when you like to cool your home, what temperatures you choose, and the duration of time you like to cool your home. Smart thermostats will even suggest energy savings options too. Smart thermostats are a great investment if you’d like to save yourself energy and money.

Contact English Air Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. We’ll help you find the right thermostat for your needs.

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