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What Your AC Is Trying to Tell You

If you’ve ever spent a summer in Florida, then you know that it’s hot. It really goes without saying. It’s already hard enough as it is to stay cool, and things only get worse if you don’t have a pristine air conditioner for the job. We don’t want you to leave your comfort to chance this summer. This is why you should consider AC repair in Winter Park, FL.

It’s common for you to have air conditioner problems that you put off until next year, then next year rolls around and you’re stuck with bad cooling. We’re here to help out. You should call us as soon as you notice the following issues…

Warm Air

Your air conditioner seems to be blowing warm or lukewarm air. You’ve checked to make sure that your thermostat is on the right setting and you’ve even run your air conditioner for longer to give it a chance to cool off—still nothing.

Warm air is a problem that comes with energy issues, low refrigerant, or even the obstruction of airflow. We can help you work through this issue.

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

You turn on your thermostat, wait for a moment, and… nothing!

Your air conditioner won’t turn on. If your thermostat is at a low temperature intended to cool and your air conditioner is hooked up, then your air conditioner has an issue. Make sure that you check your circuit breaker before calling a professional too. If this is aligned, then our professionals can get to the bottom of your issue.

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn Off

There is such a thing as having “too much of a good thing” and this is one of those instances. You want cool air in your home, but you don’t want your air conditioner to run all day and night. If your air conditioner seems to cycle over and over all day long, then what you’re experiencing is called “short cycling.”

Short cycling is terrible for your air conditioner efficiency. It also greatly increases your chances of running into a breakdown. If you want proper air conditioning services, then we want to help. Call on us for proper AC service.

High Energy Bills

It’s spring and you’re not even using your air conditioner that often and yet your air conditioning bills are sky-high. Your energy bills should always be reasonable. If they aren’t and they’re steadily increasing, then you have an efficiency issue. We’re prepared to solve it.

Loud Noises

Your quiet, idyllic home is being disrupted by your air conditioner. It’s making banging, rattling, and scraping noises that are ruining your home’s ambiance. If this is the case in your home, then you need a professional’s help. Each loud noise that you’re hearing indicates a different issue. Our professionals know exactly what your air conditioner’s trying to tell you and we can help.

Contact English Air Inc. today to schedule an appointment for your AC services.

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