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Breathe Easy for the New Year

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The new year has just arrived and we’re sure you’re in the spirit. Making the most of 2022 is your mind. You’ve got goals in place, new habits to instill, and commitments to stick to. You should make this year about you, just don’t forget to include your home in this. We suggest starting out with one of the most overlooked parts of your home–indoor air quality in Orlando, FL.

Your indoor air quality goes hand in hand with your heating and air conditioning services. This is one area of your home that you want to keep in focus if you want easy and affordable comfort throughout the rest of the year. Let’s talk about how you can breathe easy, below.

Your Indoor Air Quality Options

Here are a few things to consider when choosing indoor air quality options. 

Air Purifiers and Air Filters

If you’re focused on cleaning up your home’s air quality, then a great place to start is with an air purifier or an air filter. Air purifiers and air filters are great options for anything you’re trying to do because they eliminate common contaminants in your home. These common contaminants contribute to your discomfort. 

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers 

We suggest both humidifiers and dehumidifiers because they balance the feeling of your home. We suggest humidifiers for winter. If you’re feeling cool in your home and you have a great heater with quality insulation, it might actually be a lack of humidity keeping you cool. The opposite is true in the summer. If you’re too warm, humidity might be keeping you down. If you need quality humidity control, then we’re the ones who can provide it to you.

HRV and ERV Systems

Heat recovery ventilation and energy recovery ventilation systems are the systems that you’re looking for if you’re struggling to get your home to stay “fresh” during peak winter and peak summer. If you’re having trouble choosing between HRV and ERV systems, our team can give you the information necessary to choose between the two.

Mold Remediation Systems

If your home is full of mold, then you’re going to need mold remediation services. Mold is something you don’t want to keep in your home for long. Mold is terrible for your health and the integrity of your home.

Duct Testing Services

Your ducts are one of the most important parts of your system when it comes to your indoor air quality services. If you want to improve your ducts, then the first thing you should start off with is your home’s duct testing services. Duct testing lets you know what’s working for your system and what’s not. From there, we can improve your duct testing care. 

Duct Sealing

If you’re having persistent issues with your home’s duct sealing services, then we suggest that you try to improve things with duct sealing. Gapping or leaking ducts can create a huge problem with your home’s efficiency and even output. Our professionals will find the weak spots and patch them up for you. 

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